Week 9 in Review - September 28th, 2011
Let's get right to it...the season's end is coming up and the playoffs are just around the corner!!

Central - 9:00

Sun Devils 0 - All Blacks - 7

Wow, not much to say in this one as the All Blacks dominated this game from start to finish. Of course the reason for this was the Sun Devils forfeited due to having only 5 players. Is this something that the Sun Devils could patch up before the playoffs start? Who knows? The All Blacks will gladly take the win and move on to the next week. The Sun Devils might need a team meeting to figure out who's on board to try to repeat as champs...tough to do with only 5 players.

Central - 10:30

Rogues 19 - Lancers 21

This was a great battle as the Lancers were able to squeak out a victory against one of the best teams in the league. EXTRA, EXTRA, READ ALL ABOUT IT, Alex Veira's absence allows for other Lancers to score!!! The Lancers used 12 points from Chad Mallen and 8 from Arun Srikandarajan to secure the victory. Brandon Pottle scored 12 points for the Rogues in a losing cause. This might have been enough to secure top spot in the B Division for the Lancers, improving their record to 7-3-1. The Rogues fell to 8-2-2 but hang on to the top spot in the A Division thanks to the Sun Devils throwing in the towel in the earlier game.

Central - 12:00

Buckeyes 12 - Lancers 15

The Lancers fresh off defeating the Rogues didn't let up much in this one as it was a defensive battle throughout. The Lancers, by some miracle, were able to secure two crucial victories in a row and they did this without their star offensive player Alex Veira (is Alex okay? is he alive? is he upset that he hasn't achieved a 4 digit annual score yet and is thus missed today's games because he is at home crying? There, there Alex.... there, there) Rob Grey scored 9 points for the Lancers in propelling them to a victory in this one. The Buckeyes, who have been battling injuries all year long just didn't have enough to pull this one out without main QB Mike Rafuse. They did, however, manage to keep it close with scores from Chris Pierre (6) and Marlin Wong (6). This pushes the Lancers' record to 8-3-1, good enough to hang on to first place in the very crowded B Division. The Buckeyes' record drops to 5-7, fourth in the A Division. Hopefully the Buckeyes can get healthy come playoffs, but time is running out.

Henry - 9:00

Hawks 40 - Buccaneers - 14

In the battle for supremacy in the C Division, the Hawks were able to take advantage of a depleted Bucs' roster, they only had 5 guys show up and they picked up Goddard (member of the Raider's nation) to fill in. However, not to be outdone, the Hawks had 8, with one of those players being injured and were missing their starting QB. The Hawks rolled, as you can tell by the score, to a rather convincing victory to flex their C Division muscles. The Hawks used a balanced attack in securing the victory, getting 13 points from Allison Fillatre; 12 from Ben "Don't Call Me Whitey" Blanche; 9 from Sean Harding; and 6 from Jason Schleiffer. The Bucs did what they could with what they had and got on the board thanks to 6 points from the wiley veteran, Dave "Kiss Fist Place Good" Bye and 6 from Justin Marshall. The win allowed the Hawks to secure top seed in the C Division.

Henry - 10:30

Well due to the fact that the Turtles were not able to field a team and had given quite some notice of this, we were able to put together a "friendly" game between your beloved Raiders and the fan favourite Bulldogs. The Raiders jumped out to an early lead in the first half and never looked back. They took this one by three scores. Some highlights from the game, besides the constant trash talking (all in good fun of course) between Raider 85 and yours truly (really, did you think it'd be anyone else lol?) included Kevin Cato record his first sack of the season....make that career! The Bulldogs, however, did not have their starting QB and were able to shut down the Raiders through the second half. I'll say this much, if these two teams meet in the playoffs, ya'll better bring your popcorn and 3D glasses, cuz that's how good this game is going to be be! You can bank on that!

Donevan - 9:00

OPC 14 - Hounds 31

Well the Hounds have certainly kicked it into high gear going into the playoffs, as they are now on a very impressive five game winning streak. They handled OPC without much trouble and were able to get major contributions from Esteban Correa (13 points) and Justin Bird (12 points). Brandon Clark also chipped in with 2 interceptions for the Hounds, which puts him in the overall league lead in interceptions with 11! Well done. OPC got on the board thanks to scores from Ryan Henriques (8 points) and Bryan Santos (6 points), but were not able to stop the Hounds offensive thrust.

Donevan 10:30

OPC 22 - Longhorns 0

OPC looked to have used their earlier defeat as motivation and came out with a convicing 22-0 victory over the Longhorns. Bryan Santos (6 points); Jorge "Don't Call Me George" Duarte (7 points); and Ryan Henriques (9 points) helped OPC to secure this victory. The Longhorns just couldn't get anything going on this day and were shut out. Call this a hunch, but I have a feeling that with a couple more pieces that the Longhorns may be the most improved team next year. They definitely have height, that's for sure.

Donevan - 12:00

Mustangs 14 - Longhorns 6

The Mustangs squeaked out a victory over my favourite new team, the Longhorns, by a single score. Ken Lee provided all the offence that the Mustangs needed in this one by scoring 12 points. Andrew Staff was a man possessed on this day as he not only got the lone 6 points for the Longhorns but he also was able to nab a whopping 3 interceptions. The Mustangs need to find their players come playoff time in order to be able to make some noise; attendance has been an ongoing issue for the last couple of weeks. The victory gives the Mustangs a 7-4 mark with two big A division games coming up next week to close out the year. The seeding for the B Division will come down to the final week and that's what it's all about!!

Hope ya'll enjoyed the review, hit me up with feedback/comments/likes/dislikes or just enjoy :)