Week 10 in Review - October 05th, 2011
Hello all! well the season officially wrapped up, the playoff seeding has been finalized and it's down to some serious football in 2 weeks!
Here's your review, enjoy!

Central - 9:00

Mustangs 7 - Buckeyes 0

The early game at Central was one to behold, it was a defensive battle back and forth all game long with each team standing tall when the going got tough. The Mustangs were able to squeak this one out with a......oh wait......never mind, the Buckeyes forfeited this one. Mustangs win!

Central - 10:30

Mustangs 7 - Sun Devils 0

The Sun Devils looked to take advantage of the Mustangs in this one to claim first overall in the A Division, unfortunately for the Sun Devils the squirrels and raccoons that may have been near the field did not count towards "available players," and hence they had to forfeit. The Mustangs win back to back games against A Division opponents.....oh wait, they both forfeited. Hey, a win is a win, is a win. These two victories allowed the Mustangs to lock up 2nd overall in the competitive B Division (where btw there were no forfeitures all season lol) and gives them a chance to play for the A title. Good luck men!

Central - 12:00

Rogues 0 - All Blacks 12

In the finale at Central we saw two A teams battling it out and it was a good one. The All Blacks, who appear to be getting in fine playoff form were able to handle the Rogues, who even with the loss claim 1st overall in the A Division. Tony Chang and Matt Chang ("are you two brothers? Nooo.....Yes.... *high five*" - okay okay, father/son) each contributed 6 points to the victory. The defence was able to hold the powerful Rogues' offence in check even though the Rogues only had 6 players turn up for this one and were without one of their star players Brandon Pottle. Not to take anything away from the All Blacks, they took advantage of their opportunity and finished the season a respectable 6-6-1.

Henry - 9:00

Raiders 38 - Longhorns 0

The Raiders, as I've been told in previous years as well, seem to turn it up a notch when we near playoff time. All the cottage country time and BBQ time of the summer is over and now it appears they're all focused on football. They ran all over the Longhorns, showing no mercy in this one. Steven Robinson led the charge with 12 points for the Raider Nation, but it was the balanced scoring that was impressive. A total of five (including Mr. Robinson) scored touchdowns (Geoff Keen, Lorin "Brady Bunch" Brady, Mark Philips and Neal Robinson). The Longhorns did their best to stay with the Raiders and Miguel Morris came up with two interceptions that likely stopped the nose bleed for the time. The Raiders improved to 7-5 on the season, while the Longhorns finish their first season 1-12.
Henry - 10:30

Raiders 0 - Hawks 25

The Hawks took advantage of what must have been a tired Raiders squad, but it may just have been that the Hawks handed the Raiders their asses on a platter, not sure lol. Ben Blanche, what a team player, word on the street says that he played QB (Rick arrived late, and Scott was injured) for the first half and hence gave up a golden opportunity to over take Alex Veira for the scoring title. The Hawks got scoring from Allison Fillatre (6), Frank Katradis (6), Kevin Risko (6), and Sean Harding (6) to lead them to victory. The Hawks improved to 9-2-1 on the year. The loss ends the winning streak for the Raiders just before playoff time, but nevertheless they end the year 7-6.

Henry - 12:00

Hounds 14 - Hawks 21

The Hounds were looking to keep their winning ways going and tried to take advantage of the Hawks on the tail end of a wet and cold double header but the Hawks would have none of that. The Hawks came away this weekend ending two impressive winning streaks (Raiders and the Hounds). Ben Blanche did what he could to try to catch Alex for the scoring title by scoring 12 points, but in the end fell short by four for the title. Kevin Risko contributed with 8 points for the Hawks. The Hounds got scores from Geoff "Don't Call Me Big Bird" Bird and Geoff Hughes. The Hounds marched down the field and got to the Hawks' 5 yard line with one play left, but the Hawks defence stood tall and knocked the potentially tieing score down in the end zone to preserve the victory. This improved the Hawks' record to 10-2-1 for the year and the Hounds finish at 5-6-2.

Donevan - 9:00

Turtles 12 - Buccaneers 12

The early game at Donevan saw the Turtles taking on the Bucs and this one was even-steven at the end of the game. The Turtles I think surprised many by being able to stay with the Bucs in this one. Dave Griffith led the Turtles with all 12 of their points while the Bucs answered with scores from Evan Guilette and Justin Marshall. The converts proved costly for both teams as combined they went 0 for 4. Converts will prove to be very crucial come playoff time and will definitely separate teams. The Bucs finish the year in 2nd place in the C Division at 5-6-2, while the Turtles end their inaugural year at 2-10-1.

Donevan - 10:30

Lancers 33 - OPC 21

The Lancers continued to roll even without their leading scorer taking the field by upending OPC 33-21. The Lancers got scores from Arun Srikandarajan (12), Chris Draffin (12), and Nathan Tang (6) to give them the victory. OPC tried to go toe-to-toe with the Lancers, but in the end came up short. They did get an impressive performance from Ryan Henriques, who scored a whopping 20 points for them. OPC did suffer some injuries in this game which flowed to their second game on the backend of their double header. The Lancers end the season in 1st place in the B Division with a record 9-3-1. OPC dropped to 3-9 on the year.

Donevan - 12:00

Bulldogs 7 - OPC 0

The Bulldogs came out on fire in this one and looked to take it to OPC. This was a see-saw battle all the way through, and both defences played their little hearts out. Oh wait....the game ended after the 1st quarter due to lack of numbers (resulting from injuries) for OPC. The Bulldogs take the 'W' and finish the year 3rd place in the B Division with a record of 8-5. OPC finishes their first year in the league with a 3-10 mark.

The quarter finals start in 2 weeks!!!!!!! Can't wait baby...let's play some cold weather football!!!!