OTFL Weekly Picks Contest is Back!! - June 16th, 2016
We are excited to announce the return of our Weekly Picks Contest! and it has gotten a facelift!

We know how much all of you enjoy the opportunity to win free money we also know how much you like to read what the prognosticators have to say about the upcoming weeks games. The Weekly Picks Contest gives you the opportunity to have your say on who you think will win or lose, without the stress of having to think up a witty alias to post under, or panic about your spelling and grammar.

New this year, we will be posting the link by Monday at noon [Tuesday on long weekends] on our Message Board, and Facebook Page you simply click the link, enter your name, email, team name, and then make your winning selections [the line-up will be pre-populated so you dont have to look at the schedule].

Here is this week's link for you to get started >>>>>>>


[I believe you will have to copy and paste it into your browser]

NOW The original rules:

- You can pick your team to win, but you CANNOT pick against your team.
- There are no best bets and no spread. It is straight up wins vs- losses.
- If you pick a TIE GAME, you will receive half a point.
- While you do not have to participate every non-tournament week, the more you contribute, the better your odds are at taking home the prize money.

Picks Deadlines:

- Polling automatically closes on Saturday at 8:00 pm [So if game day is Sunday, June 19, the polling closes on Saturday, June 18 @ 8:00 pm] .
- All submissions will be confidential (not anonymous) until they are reviewed after the poll closes on Saturday evening. [Scott nor myself will be privy to see others picks, and cannot use that as a means of strategy for our selections]
- Late entries WILL NOT be accepted via email sorry!
- Everyones picks will be emailed out Saturday evening/Sunday morning to all of those who participated that week.
- After each week, a post will be made showing status updates with running totals.

Vacation Time:
Should you be going away on vacation, and want to submit your picks in advance via email please do so to kelly@oshawafootball.com . Make sure you mention the DATE in which the picks are for.
[Note: With this method, I will end up seeing your picks as I submit them on your behalf into the poll, therefore, these will not be considered confidential. Also, while our schedule is posted well in advance, it does change from time to time due to advance warning of attendance issues. If you pick a game that is altered, the point goes wasted. Sorry! Hopefully you have wifi on your vacation and you can just do them yourself ;) ]

The Winner:

- This is for regular season games only
- The winner with the highest score will be awarded $150 cash at the banquet. Second place will receive $50.
- In the event of a tie score at the end of the season, the cash prize will be divided equally.

As always, let either myself or Scott know if you have any questions by commenting on this thread, or via email at Kelly@oshawafootball.com or Scott@oshawafootball.com

Good luck!