Phone: 905-213-3183

With over a decade of OTFL Presidential experience, it is no wonder why Scott is fit for the role. While he is the Hawk's Team Rep, he doesn’t let his team commitment interfere with his League duties, as he plays a totally unbiased hand in decision making. His ability to focus on situations without prejudice attributes to the success of the League, while his level-headedness, mild-manners, and constant smile help build the case as to why there is no one better suited to be the voice of the OTFL. Though the season only runs from June through October, Scott keeps the OTFL in the forefront of his mind as he works alongside Kelly year round to arrange sponsorships, partnerships, events, and ideas for the current & upcoming year.

Vice President

While only having a few years of on-field experience in both our Co-ed and Men’s divisions, Victor has been a loyal OTFL volunteer since the age of 15. He has assisted with many OTFL events, such as the Pre-season tournaments, All Star skills competitions, and various other tasks. As our newest Executive member, he is excited to bring a fresh outlook to the League, offering a new generation of ideas, perspectives, and feedback. Welcome aboard!

Director of Technology
Phone: 905-261-9496

Drew is the man behind the coding. He developed the OTFL website from the ground up, and continues to update it to fit the needs of the league, all while protecting it from internet pirates who find a way to seize it once or twice a year. Beyond cyberspace, Drew has been a member of the Executive for over a decade. He has the uncanny ability to rationalize both sides of everything; offering pros and cons to every topic. This aids in coming to decisions with all aspects considered, strengthening the verdict, and not giving room for many regrets or unanticipated consequence. If you want to talk html, or need someone to play devil's advocate, you can find Drew sporting a Hawks jersey on Sunday mornings.