Playoffs (men's and Co-ed) and Tie-Breakers - July 24th, 2012
Here is how the playoffs will work this year for both the men's league and co-ed division.

For both A and B division:

The first place team from each division will automatically get a bye to the "A" and "B" semi finals.

Sept 16th, 2012:

1/4 finals: 2 vs. 7, 3 vs 6, 4 vs 5. Winners go to A and B championship brackets semi finals. Top seeded losers get bye to A and B consolation final, other two losers play in consolation semi final on Sept 23rd, 2012.

Sept 23rd, 2012:

semi finals: Based on seeding. 1st in each division will play lowest seeded winner in one semi and the other two winners will play in the other semi. As stated above bottom seeded losers from each division play in consolation semi.

Sept 30th, 2012:


Maxwell Heights & Eastdale:

9:00 am A and B consolotation finals
10:30 am A and B championship finals


Co-ED (all games at Donevan):

Aug 13th, 2012 1/4 finals

1 vs. 6
2 vs. 5
3 vs. 4

Aug 20th, 2012 Semi finals

Top seeded winner and top seeded loser get byes to championship and consolation finals respectively.
2nd seeded winner v. 3rd seeded winner
2nd seeded loser v. 3rd seeded loser

Aug 27th, 2012 Finals

championship and consolation finals.


The Tie Breakers will go as follows (in the case of a 3+ way tie if at any time during the tie breaking procedure one or more teams, but not all, comes out ahead or behind that team is removed and the tiebreaking procedure starts again at number 1 with the remaining teams if necessary):

1) Head to head record for games involving only the tied teams.

2) Head to head point differential for games involving only the tied teams.

3) Head to head points against for games involving only the tied teams.

4) Most wins

5) Average Point Differential for the entire season of games played (Defaults excluded).

6) Fewest average points against for the entire season of games played (Defaults excluded).

7) Coin flip.

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